Friday, August 28, 2015

Oriental Satsuma Bowls and Planters

I found this gorgeous Royal Satsuma bowl that I can place one of my clay orchid pots into so I discovered that even though I normally collect Chinese cache pots I can still use the bowls too. I put a paper towel in the bottom of the bowl to protect it from getting scratched by the clay orchid pot. It has a Geisha scene in it and golden gilt moriage dots inside and outside. A very unique scene as I have not been able to find another one like it on ebay auctions even in the completed and sold listings.
You can also find these Satsuma bowls at estate sales locally sometimes. I like to look at the local estate sale listings because they show more pictures of what is for sale so I don't waste my time driving to see things I'm not interested in. So be sure to keep in mind using ornamental decorative bowls to display your potted orchids in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Orchids Offer Inspiration Indoors

Orchids can be grown indoors in the summer or winter as they are very versatile and easy to care for. You usually see them growing indoors at your local department stores for what seems like weeks at a time. They are sold in plastic baggies hanging on the sides of racks in those places so sometimes go without being watered for weeks and still survive. That is why you don't need to fret if you don't get home on time from an extended vacation - indoor orchids will survive. I water mine once a week by soaking the entire pot in a bowl of water in the kitchen sink so all the media can soak up the this keeps them happy for a week - they could probably survive 2 weeks after that but I prefer to soak them once a week for quite a few hours. Orchids are a good plant to give to someone that is too old or too busy to do much caring for plants. Just tell them to water once a week and maybe stop by and visit to check on their orchid to make sure they aren't over watering it or if it needs to be soaked. This gives you another reason to drop by for a visit. Orchids are very slow growing but once they do bloom their blooms last for many more weeks than your average flower.
There is nothing better than caring for an orchid for sometimes up to 2 years before you get to see it bloom as an orchid needs to be mature before it does bloom. The wait is worth it if you were wise enough to pick out a bright flashy fascinating orchid that you knew ahead of time what it would come to look like. I keep pictures of orchids I plan on getting someday within view of my computer so I can look at them easily.Check out some of these beautiful orchids below.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Do Orchids and Flowers Inspire Us

The flowers of Giverny inspired Monet to paint. Gazing on natures beauty inpires us to think beyond ourselves and ponder how much more there is to life than our daily preponderances. Do flowers look at us and wish they could be us -  coming and going in a melee of noise and and vibration. I imagine myself as a flower looking out upon the world - a single view for a very short life...but I would have no concept of it being short. I would only know to try to live for as long as I could and bloom proudly until there was no amount of water that could save me and I would wither and die - my only hope that a remnant of my seed would fall onto fertile ground and carry on my beautiful colors and vibrancy. Perhaps rescuing orchids and growing them is humanities struggle to preserve beauty and help it live forever...or as long as long as there is someone to care for it. I remember doing yard work with a young man that struggled with the idea of it...saying - why are we doing this - the trees and grass do not care that we are here - they would be better off without us. I had no reply - he was right - they would grow along without us pulling weeds or raking the ground clear of leaves. I'm still not sure why I kept on raking after that comment....probably because I could not stand to see the place a neglected mess. You do have to pull weeds to get some flowers to grow and clean up around them and care for them. I think he would be more content to live in a jungle and I do hope he does someday and is bitten well for it. I still do plenty of yard work outdoors but I know someday I will be too old to do that anymore. My plan when I get old is to be able to look at my small collection of indoor orchids on a shelf in my room and take care of them as that may be all I can manage in my old age. Those orchids could actually outlive me - I have one orchid that is 15 years old already. I plan on giving my orchids to my heirs or donating them to a garden club. I like the idea that they could live beyond my years...besides all the flowers and trees I've planted in my lifetime...another gift of beauty to the world.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dreaming of Orchids

I have found myself too busy lately to be able to search for and buy another orchid...I may have to leave my orchids in the care of my room mate so now is not the time to add to the collection as he will have his hands full just taking care of my dog too. So I will wait patiently until the stress and uncertainty subsides and I know if I am coming or going. I truly would like to just stay here and not travel as I am the only one that really knows how to take care of the plants and keep up with the weeds around the outside plants. I am not a big fan of traveling so avoid it until absolutely necessary. I think the airlines have made traveling more of a hassle so I never feel bad when an airline stock goes down as I don't relish being packed like sardines even though I am quite thin and can fit easily into their economy seats there are people around me who cannot. So I guess I will just have to dream of more orchids when things settle down and I know I will be around to care for them.
One great thing about orchids is they don't need much care just soak them in a bowl in the sink for a few hours once a week...or if they are hanging under an eve outside soak them outside hanging up or on the ground.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vintage Oriental Planters for my Orchids

Blc. Memoria George Butler
"Hebrita Ruffels"

I found a great deal on ebay for vintage oriental planters for my orchids and am looking forward to finding more. I just prefer to display my orchids in colorful pretty ceramic pots rather than just plain clay or plastic pots. I just place the pots they come in - into these four to five inch diameter planters and they look so much better on the shelf that way. I am leaning more towards the vintage oriental planter look rather than the more modern plainer looking planters that are manufactured these days. It's also alot of fun to keep an eye out at flea markets and garage sales for these types of planters. I like to think of finding a special planter as just another reward to myself  for a job well done. Yes money is a reward but it is what you do with that money that makes it more rewarding and especially if you can find yourself a great deal.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Finding Orchids in Spike

I recently got lucky and found a Lowes cattleya orchid showing a new spike, a spike is where a flower is going to bloom out of. Most of the Lowes orchids are quite young so this is very unusual to find. So when you are out looking for orchids keep an eye out for a sprout that looks like a spike coming out of the base of the plant. I expect with enough sunlight and watering that this orchid will flower in the fall. It was quite a large specimen for a department store orchid too. Now I have a few orchids without my favorite oriental cache pots I need to start looking for those to put them in.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Watering and Caring for Orchids

I keep track on a calendar what days I water my orchids and try to do it twice a week. I still haven't made that big sale that I need in order to get myself and orchid reward. Just posted more ads on craigslist in the hopes of getting some new customers for my horse buggy parts. May post some new ads in other cities as these antique things are tough to sell. I am hoping someday in the far flung future to sell divisions of my orchids. I will most likely sell them on ebay just like the ones that are for sale here below. So far I feel I have gotten some great looking healthy orchids for great prices on there. I have been using miracle grow rough potting mix for my new orchids but still need to pickup a bag of Growstone at home depot as it just came in. Cattleya orchids prefer growstone over an all bark mix and I plan to mix the two.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Favorite Orchid Reward

Whenever I make a sale or have some little success in life I like to reward myself with a new orchid. So the next orchid I plan on getting is the "Dick Smith Paradise Orchid" shown here. I have been working on making a sale of a buggy shaft - trying to get the measurements just right and although I have someone interested - I am not sure I am measuring it correctly. So back and forth it goes until I finally make a sale. I also have a few other things I am trying to sell - some large like real estate and some small like buggy parts. Sometimes it is really frustrating to push thru a sale and it can take days, weeks and months to get things done. Of course I have other rewards besides orchids in the interim but each orchid I look at earmarks to me something I have accomplished. Sort of like winning a prize. It gives me something to work towards besides just the attainment of wealth.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Chinese Orchid Pots and Oriental Orchid Planters

I just love the look of oriental planter, oriental cache pots and chinese jardiniere's for putting my orchids in. I search high and low for just the right look as I think it makes an elegant statement having orchids or any kind of flower displayed in an elegant pot on a bookshelf in front of a window or on a table near a window. Of course orchids do better outdoors in the humidity but I have yet to trust my orchids where I am now to hanging outside under the awning as we get very high winds during rain storms that could knock them right thru the window so I have not tried that yet. As I run out of room for my orchids that will be my next step to hang one outside to see how it does.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Purple Tri-Color Orchid

 Blc. Island Charm "Elizabeth"

I ordered a new tri-color dark and light purple and white orchid yesterday as a reward to myself for finally selling my horse carriage. Orchids are like eye candy without the calories that can last a lifetime if well taken care of. You can also replicate their beauty to share with friends by dividing them once they reach a certain size. You need to have at least 3 rhizomes or bulbs to create a new plant - 4 is even better. Of course you can also sell your newly created orchid plants on ebay as that is where I have been buying mine below. I have found some of the same orchids for sale from different sellers so be sure to shop around to get the best price. Also pay attention when comparing prices as to whether you are getting a near to blooming orchid or a seedling which can take anywhere from 2 to 3 years to bloom.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Oriental Cache Pots and Planters

I just got my new orchid in the mail and it is quite large w. a young bud already on it which is surprising considering it was only $20 with shipping included. I don't think I will have to wait a whole 2 years for this baby to bloom. I missed going to the flea market this wednesday so will probably go to the thrift shop to look for more oriental planters and cache pots. Amazon has a good deal on them online as you can see by my previous post. As soon as I find out if I am coming or going I will decide if I want to order another orchid. I have my favorites already saved to order from ebay below.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Where to Find Orchids

I have decided to go to the local flea and farmers market here at the Volusia County Fairgrounds every Wednesday to look for oriental cache pots and orchid planters. There is also a lady there that sells blooming Cattleya orchids for only $15. They are not very magnificent looking but the cheapest blooming orchids I have ever seen. I have not bought from her yet as I prefer to buy bright splashy orchid plants and wait the 2 years to see them bloom. I will just be checking to see if she has any impressive looking orchids each time I go there. She does have the more common phaleonopsis orchids without flowers for only $3 so I may buy some of those. I have also seen those types of orchids on the clearance racks at Lowes for $8. So remember when you go to your local Lowes and Home Depot to look at their clearance racks for plants. If you click below you may see some orchids at great prices that you may have a hankering to buy. I always save them to My Ebay wish list and get myself one as a treat every now and then.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Orchid Pots

I found a great Oriental Cache Pot at the local flea market and also another one at the Halifax Hospice donation center. When I get around to taking a picture of them I will upload them here. I have taken to going to garage sales and estate sales here locally to see if I can find more orchid pots. I don't actually pot my orchids in them - I just set the pot that my orchids are in - into them as the pots they are in are the plain green plastic or terracota clay kind and are not that attractive. I have found that a 5" oriental cache pot is the perfect size to set an orchid pot into that is in a smaller 4" pot. Of course you can get even smaller cache pots and place smaller potted orchids into them.

My Newest Orchid

 Blc. Hunabu Victory 'Brenda Havenor

I saved many orchids to my Ebay list and just bid on this cattleya orchid and got it for only $20 with shipping included. Be sure to check out the orchids below and save your favorites for when you decide to start buying new orchids. I have shopped around at local flea markets for bargains and although the prices were quite reasonable the orchids they offered were very dull looking in comparison to what else is out there so I decided I would rather get a younger orchid that would blossom into the type of flower that is very splashy and colorful. I like vibrant colors and multi-colored cattleya orchids myself.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Buying and Growing Orchids

I used to have orchids many years ago but traveled so much I didn't have time to take care of them.
Now that I am home a lot more I finally have some time to do that and I wanted to share my experience with buying and growing orchids. Here you will see listings for places to buy orchids as well.
I used to have about 4 orchids but only have 1 left because the others got little white mealy bugs on them and died. I was not around to stop that from happening. Now I have a room mate that can spray them when I'm away with insecticidal soap and wipe off the leaves if needed.
I also like to grow roses now that I have a new place to plant them on the other side of the pool.
I can see them from the bedroom so planted many rose bushes that I can keep an eye on.