Friday, July 24, 2015

Watering and Caring for Orchids

I keep track on a calendar what days I water my orchids and try to do it twice a week. I still haven't made that big sale that I need in order to get myself and orchid reward. Just posted more ads on craigslist in the hopes of getting some new customers for my horse buggy parts. May post some new ads in other cities as these antique things are tough to sell. I am hoping someday in the far flung future to sell divisions of my orchids. I will most likely sell them on ebay just like the ones that are for sale here below. So far I feel I have gotten some great looking healthy orchids for great prices on there. I have been using miracle grow rough potting mix for my new orchids but still need to pickup a bag of Growstone at home depot as it just came in. Cattleya orchids prefer growstone over an all bark mix and I plan to mix the two.

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