Saturday, August 8, 2015

Vintage Oriental Planters for my Orchids

Blc. Memoria George Butler
"Hebrita Ruffels"

I found a great deal on ebay for vintage oriental planters for my orchids and am looking forward to finding more. I just prefer to display my orchids in colorful pretty ceramic pots rather than just plain clay or plastic pots. I just place the pots they come in - into these four to five inch diameter planters and they look so much better on the shelf that way. I am leaning more towards the vintage oriental planter look rather than the more modern plainer looking planters that are manufactured these days. It's also alot of fun to keep an eye out at flea markets and garage sales for these types of planters. I like to think of finding a special planter as just another reward to myself  for a job well done. Yes money is a reward but it is what you do with that money that makes it more rewarding and especially if you can find yourself a great deal.

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