Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dreaming of Orchids

I have found myself too busy lately to be able to search for and buy another orchid...I may have to leave my orchids in the care of my room mate so now is not the time to add to the collection as he will have his hands full just taking care of my dog too. So I will wait patiently until the stress and uncertainty subsides and I know if I am coming or going. I truly would like to just stay here and not travel as I am the only one that really knows how to take care of the plants and keep up with the weeds around the outside plants. I am not a big fan of traveling so avoid it until absolutely necessary. I think the airlines have made traveling more of a hassle so I never feel bad when an airline stock goes down as I don't relish being packed like sardines even though I am quite thin and can fit easily into their economy seats there are people around me who cannot. So I guess I will just have to dream of more orchids when things settle down and I know I will be around to care for them.
One great thing about orchids is they don't need much care just soak them in a bowl in the sink for a few hours once a week...or if they are hanging under an eve outside soak them outside hanging up or on the ground.

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