Sunday, August 16, 2015

Do Orchids and Flowers Inspire Us

The flowers of Giverny inspired Monet to paint. Gazing on natures beauty inpires us to think beyond ourselves and ponder how much more there is to life than our daily preponderances. Do flowers look at us and wish they could be us -  coming and going in a melee of noise and and vibration. I imagine myself as a flower looking out upon the world - a single view for a very short life...but I would have no concept of it being short. I would only know to try to live for as long as I could and bloom proudly until there was no amount of water that could save me and I would wither and die - my only hope that a remnant of my seed would fall onto fertile ground and carry on my beautiful colors and vibrancy. Perhaps rescuing orchids and growing them is humanities struggle to preserve beauty and help it live forever...or as long as long as there is someone to care for it. I remember doing yard work with a young man that struggled with the idea of it...saying - why are we doing this - the trees and grass do not care that we are here - they would be better off without us. I had no reply - he was right - they would grow along without us pulling weeds or raking the ground clear of leaves. I'm still not sure why I kept on raking after that comment....probably because I could not stand to see the place a neglected mess. You do have to pull weeds to get some flowers to grow and clean up around them and care for them. I think he would be more content to live in a jungle and I do hope he does someday and is bitten well for it. I still do plenty of yard work outdoors but I know someday I will be too old to do that anymore. My plan when I get old is to be able to look at my small collection of indoor orchids on a shelf in my room and take care of them as that may be all I can manage in my old age. Those orchids could actually outlive me - I have one orchid that is 15 years old already. I plan on giving my orchids to my heirs or donating them to a garden club. I like the idea that they could live beyond my years...besides all the flowers and trees I've planted in my lifetime...another gift of beauty to the world.

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